How not to lose in slots

On the Internet, you will find many different “win-win” methods and “useful” schemes that, if they really worked, would have ruined all top casinos long ago. But this does not happen, which means that they are not so “win-win” … We will not offer you an easy way to make money on slot machines, tell you winning strategies and teach you how to hack a casino. We will give you some tips to help you save money and play for fun.

Pay attention to the payout percentage

Each slot machine in an online casino has a certain percentage of payments, and as a rule, it is higher than in slot machines in real casinos, which attracts many online.

We will not go into mathematical calculations, just note that the higher the return percentage, the more chances to win, because this indicator indicates what percentage of the total amount the machine gives to the players.

Slot manufacturers often do not hide such information and by asking you can find entire pay tables, in the context of slots and rates. It is generally accepted that it is unprofitable to play slots that pay less than 93%. The most profitable ones have 97-99% payouts.

Manage your bankroll

As with poker, slots need to be handled correctly. You must have your own bankroll management, which will allow you to add a certain balance to the game. It should be determined in advance, regardless of the result of the game, because any gain, like a loss, can intoxicate the mind and then, in joyful euphoria or with a desire to win back, you can lose everything.

The golden rule is to determine your budget for the game (or for the day), and under no circumstances go beyond it.

Get additional bonuses

Before you start playing in a particular casino, you should study the market of offers, so that, firstly, you do not miss the bonus for registration or the first deposit, and, secondly, choose the institution that is most suitable for you. But in order not to be deceived – play only in licensed casinos.

Explore online casinos

In addition to the availability of bonuses when choosing a casino, pay attention to the available withdrawal methods and additional cash out conditions, so that if you win, you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation, learning that you can withdraw only a certain percentage of the deposit without wagering, or that no payment system suits you.

To check the software, the quality of the game and the format of new slots for you, you can try a free game on slots. Almost all casinos offer it.

Tune in to the game

First of all, you need to play game online for fun, and not with a cold mind, so it’s better not to sit down to play slots in a bad mood. Winning in this case will not bring much pleasure, while losing will drive you into a state in which you can make many mistakes.

During the game, do not rush, especially if you need to make important decisions or make a choice between cards and other items in the bonus games.

Don’t try to crack the slot

No matter how you get lost in casino losses, you should not look online for ways to cheat slots and / or online casinos. Instead of what you were looking for, you will find a ton of scammers trying to “snatch” you broken schemes and “miraculous” programs. You will not be able to outwit the car with their help. Even the most advanced hackers will find it difficult to hack online casinos, given how much money licensed rooms spend on their security.

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